Saturday, December 03, 2005

Life and other diversions

Tonight, dear reader, I emerge blinking from behind the curtain with my first blog. It was originally going to be as witty and insightful as many of the other blogs I've been reading in the last few weeks. However, real life has a habit of intervening, and very little goes according to plan. Well, in my life it doesn't anyway.

For instance, I join a dating site with the misguided anticipation of meeting some interesting and attractive men, but instead develop female friendship. A wonderful bonus of course, but not according to plan. Rather in the same way that I once went out to buy food for a barbecue and came home with a couple of antique chairs. Great chairs, perfect for lolling gaudy in my boudoir, but not ideal for char-grilling. Maybe I'm just easily distracted.

And needless to say today didn't entirely go to plan. It was supposed to go like this...

Get lots of work done, pick up youngest daughter from school clutching her 11+ results with nervous anticipation, open envelope, whoops of delight, rush home to elder daughter, phone round with good news, all go out for a meal in celebration.

However, in the reality that is mine...

Work didn't go well (too boring for here), got dragged out to the pub for lunch (this was an enjoyable diversion, I hasten to add), elder daughter wanted picking up from school making me late for younger daughter, who was clutching 11+ results in nervous anticipation.

And then, sadly it diverts too far from the grand plan for a ten year old to deal with. Failure. A very crappy place for a 10 year old to be landing with a bump. So we went off to the cinema with a friend and her daughter who has also failed, and we divert ourselves with Harry Potter. And I want to know where I can get one of those wands from. I mean, you can buy anything on Ebay these days. And the local secondary school is certainly not Hogwarts.

Tomorrow I'll start with a new grand plan and maybe I'll keep you posted


Blogger Zoozan said...

and I meant to say poor little one. Bloody entrance tests, what do they know?

6:23 pm  

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