Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Morning

This morning, lying in bed reading the Sunday papers and listening to the radio, I heard a track that always moves me beyond words. It's Gavin Bryars' "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" and you can read the story of how he came to compose it here.
This was a version I hadn't heard before, with Tom Waits "duetting" with the tramp. Beautiful. I won't describe it, you can hear it for yourself.


Blogger fjl said...

Hi there! Long time no see. xx
This sounds like a very moving piece. Sometimes those on the quiet edge of society suddenly confront us, and it cuts deep. Especially when we're reminded of how much we hurt in the same way, or how much it's ' but for the grace of god go I'.
NB we are all very spiritual today x

11:20 pm  
Blogger WDKY said...

I love Tom Waits, Ginny, as I think I might have mentioned (although I don't think we listened to any in Whitstable, did we?).

I think you and I had very different Sunday mornings, don't you?

1:42 pm  

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